18 Jul, 2021

Legendary beer in a new design: "Brestskoe", "Belovezhskoe" and "Duplet" with a new label

The company "Brestskoe Pivo" has carried out a large-scale redesign of the packaging. Each label is designed with the latest brand design trends in mind. Stylish, modern packaging emphasizes the traditional taste and high quality of our beer.

"Brestskoe Svetloe"
Light beer with classic taste and aroma. The combination of light barley malt and corn grits gives the beer a harmonious taste with balanced bitterness.

Traditional Belarusian beer is brewed from a special combination of bitter and aromatic hops. The beer has a rich taste and aroma with mild hop bitterness.

"Douplet Strong"
A strong, high-gravity beer with a rich malt flavor, mild bitterness and hop aroma. Fermentation at low temperatures and long aging give the beer richness and purity of taste.

The beer is produced in 0.5L glass bottles and 1L , 1.5L and 2L plastic bottles.

At the moment beer is presented in both new and old designs. The transition to a single package is planned to be completed within a few months.


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