18 Jul, 2021

New life of "Brestskoe Pivo"

On July 31, 2020, a deal was concluded to purchase a controlling stake in the "Brestskoe Pivo" brewery by the foreign company "MultiTradeGroup", which is part of the "MultiGroup" concern.

The concern owns many companies and industries, including the famous "Ararat" cognac, also revived by "MultiGroup" and regaining its former glory.

Now "MultiTradeGroup" is introducing into "Brestskoe Pivo" all its experience, proven business processes and values ​​that have brought success to all the companies of the concern. The distribution network is already rapidly developing and our beer goes not only outside the city, but also to other countries.

The return and preservation of the traditions of brewing, a modern approach to production and love for our consumer: one of the main values, which are now directed all the activities of our plant and team.

Now we can say with confidence that the "Brestskoe Pivo" will not remain somewhere in Brest's references to the past, but will become an important part of the future history of the city.


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